Lil Dicky - Pillow Talking feat. Brain (Official Music Video)

I created FX tool in Houdini to blow up soldiers starting 2:47 ending 3:00.

DSB Biker

I've worked on this clip in animation studio Animatrix for Danish railroad company. I did the lighting for first half of the clip (until train station), rope and blanket simulations, procedural modeling of the train station in Houdini and compositing/CC.

Platine tower

This clip was done for Lebanese company Sark development. Production supervisor Edward El Hayek. I did 3D tracking and compositing/CC for this clip.

Audi A4 360 experience

I've worked at Munich based company Topalsson GmbH. I've composited several shots and made 3D holograms.

BMW Need for speed

I did some fluid simulations and constructor animations for garage shots at Topalsson.

Houdini Workshop

Houdini workshop I've teached when worked in Froggy Heart Animation Studio. In Russian.

Demo 2013

My old compositing demo reel.